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The Transformational Moniker

In the independent school community you hear a lot about “transformation,” “transformational change,” “transformational donors.” These transformations often result in some kind of physical change reflecting something of importance to the institution – space for a program, a building, a landscape, an entire campus, reviving an area of a city, or ideas like making our campus “green,” or land acquisitions to support known and unknown campus improvements over time.

So, how do you know if you have an idea that is worthy of the “transformational” moniker?

Transformational change is hard, and relative in nature from one institution to another, but it seems to me that a transformational idea, at the very least, is a breathtakingly unique and simple solution to an institutional challenge or desire, both in concept and execution; that it can be successfully measured using a variety of yardsticks, including its ability to satisfy strategic, programmatic, financial, aesthetic requirements; that it redefines competitive territory for an institution; that it works for your people and your circumstances; and that it is so exciting and makes so much sense that it negates a natural opposition to change.

Planning results in change, and so we often think about the degrees of change that occur on every engagement, and if some are truly worthy of the “transformational” moniker…

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