We help our clients create rich, vital, and enduring places

Places for education are powerful things. Done well, they’re inspired settings that enhance learning, reveal the culture of their institutions, and impress with their beauty. They’re an incoming student’s first impression and a graduate’s lasting memory.

Great places like these happen intentionally, the result of strong institutional purpose guided by strategic awareness and careful attention, often over long periods.

Blanchard Group is a nationally recognized architectural firm. The singular focus of our practice is campus planning for leading independent educational institutions — linking the strategic needs of an institution with the possibilities of its place.

Representative Clients

Creating great places takes hands-on leadership

What is? What if? What’s next? We’re at our best working through big, knotty questions — with interconnected parts, a variety of audiences, and often competing stakeholders.

To that end, our practice leaders are hands on, supported by dedicated project teams who combine extensive experience; outstanding character; sharp, analytical minds; an inspired sense of place making; and the ability to work collaboratively with all facets of independent school communities.


Jeffrey Blanchard

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The focus of Jeff’s 35 years of professional practice has been linking institutional strategy with the possibilities of a place. To each opportunity, Jeff brings the enthusiasm to engage and excite the communities he serves, the experience to translate ideas into action, and the leadership to advance his clients’ interests.

Patricia Tedesco

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Patty is a people person and also fiercely analytical — rapport and report, a powerful combination. Patty has played lead and supporting roles at Blanchard Group over two decades, working with institutions on their campus development strategy. She conceives possible futures, and demonstrates these futures aren’t just inspired, but doable.

Janet Chandler

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An engineer by training and a poet at heart, Janet has played lead and supporting roles on numerous campus planning and consulting engagements for over a decade. She is dogged about authenticity — how an institution’s vision, mission, and educational experience are reflected in its campus setting.

Campus planning for independent education is distinctive and complex

Whether linking the strategic needs of an institution with the possibilities of its place, satisfying existing or emerging initiatives, or resolving the natural tension between long-standing traditions and change, all require the innovator’s vision and the pragmatist’s view—balancing the freedom to take the long view with the realities of today’s world, and doing it with great passion.